The centuries-old vines created
on terraces with magnificent views
are treasures that we want to preserve.

The Terroir

H.O Wines has 55ha of vineyards in the sub-region
of Lower Corgo, in Santa Marta de Penaguião.

Of these, around 10ha are traditional “old vines”. The vineyards are divided in several plots, among which Quinta do Pontão and Quinta dos Osórios stand out.

The terroir is marked by shale soils and, to a lesser extent, granite, and a relatively milder climate compared to the other sub-regions of the Douro. It is characterized by being under the Marão mountain range, which is responsible for difference in microclimates.

Has the main red grape varieties: Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca and Sousão;

Is the most historical. It has 5ha of “old vines” and the best grape varieties in shale soils;

1,5 hectares facing north and at an altitude of about 380m (Gouveio variety);

The remaining hectares of “old vines” are spread over some plots of shale soils planted for over 70 years with the best varieties of the demarcated Douro region. The most relevant are:

In Alvações do Corgo.

From which comes the H.O Pontão 2017.

Our Estates

All H.O Wines properties have shale soils and good exposure. They have altitudes ranging from 140 to 400 m, between old and new vines, with the most traditional grape varieties of the Douro Region: Arinto, Gouveio, Moscatel Galego, Rabigato and Viosinho in the whites; Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca and Sousão in the reds.
The largest property is Quinta dos Osórios and the most historic is Quinta do Pontão, in Cumieira, where the house built in the 18th century is located.

Quinta do Pontão

Located in the center of the village of Cumieira, Quinta do Pontão is mainly made up of old vines with the best grape varieties in shale soils in the Douro.

Area: 2,945 m2
Average altitude: between 355m and 390m
Exposure: Southwest
Varieties: Moscatel and Vinhas Velhas (Grape Variety Mixture)


Soladário is a set of vineyards adjacent to Quinta dos Osórios. It is located close to a point of interest in Cumieira, the Miradouro de Santa Bárbara.

Area: 5,109 m2
Average altitude: between 310m and 400m
Exposure: Southwest
Varieties: Arinto, Moscatel, Sousão, Touriga Nacional, Verdelho and Viosinho

Quinta dos Osórios

Quinta dos Osórios exists since 2008, when extensive expansion and remodeling was carried out in the vineyard. It was planted on terraces with just one line of vines in a unilateral cordon, with a drainage system and a drip irrigation system. On its top was built the H.O Winery.

Area: 22,071 m2
Average altitude: between 160m and 330m
Exposure: Southwest
Varieties: Rabigato, Sousão, Touriga Franca, Touriga Nacional, Verdelho, Viosinho and Vinhas Velhas (Grape Variety Mix)

Travessas e Gaivosa

Plots of old vines from which special wines, such as Pontão, come from.

Area: 937 m2
Average altitude: 345m
Exposure: Southwest
Varieties: Vinhas Velhas (Grape Variety Mixture)